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Koi apna jab lga, usi me hum apna pta dhoondh rahe the Aakhe khuli toh paaya khudko gum, hum toh kisi anjaan sheher me akele khde the, Hmse apnapan chura kr, log hme hee ghoor rahe the. Dil ko smjha lia Zindagi me yun bhi hota hAb bs chl pade h yeh kadam, nahi jaanContinue reading “Argon”

Chai pe charcha ☕

To all the pieces of salt out there, You’re perfect the way you are,You’re Necessary ingredient for someone’s fav. Dish, be it be indian or Swedish, But, people have their own taste & you can’t force someone to be their cup of tea. Are you going to waste yourself looking at them hoping one dayContinue reading “Chai pe charcha ☕”

Nothing but a Wet matchbox

Is everything super white? peaceful but a blank tubelight, transparent yet translucent. where are those nights,we, under the same moonlight spitting shit out while hiding our truths, it was my first dive into you, but i’m a bird, i didn’t knew, now my feathers ain’t drying, something inside me is still crying Asking                                                  when is “what’sContinue reading “Nothing but a Wet matchbox”

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