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Kuch sapne, takiyo tale

Har pal naya mosam h, jab tak tum har na maano, tumhaari hee jeet hai, dard toh h magar, sapno se preet h Gire nahi toh chlna kse seekhoge, mushkile har kadam h magar abhi jazba kaha kam h Manzilo se milne, firse chal pade, ladkhdaayein na kadam, ab hum na ruke, ab hai raahiContinue reading “Kuch sapne, takiyo tale”

Role Pencil Life

Tic-tok, tic-tok, I was giving an exam and i didn’t know what was on clock. I had a blank paper and i did’t know if it was an answer sheet or a question paper. Soon i found 2 pens. One without ink and one was leaking too much of it. We went for a walkContinue reading “Role Pencil Life”

Key yourself

You probably don’t have a memory of yourself taking your first step. But do you remember the first time you rode bicycle? Your Papa was holding your back. You were so afraid when you found he has released you. weren’t you? He stood away, But did he ever let you fall? Remember the first timeContinue reading “Key yourself”

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