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Latest from the Blog

A Cold Night

Mne toh grmiyo ko apna maana tha, srdiya itni jldi aaegi, yeh na jaana tha, patjhad ke baad seher aati h, pr is dor seher bina hee srdiyo ko aana tha. Pichli sardiyo me hum khud se ladey the, smjhaya tha khudko ab kisi mosam se na dosti karenge, fir itna pyar mila kisi mosamContinue reading “A Cold Night”

A leap from eyes

IMGAINATION : walking down the stairs of mg road metro station, looking at strangers and wondering how beautiful is god’s creation, knowing they don’t know me, i behaved as i wanted to, smiled at random people & noticed they are smiling back ! an aunt with specs, holding nothing but carrying stress, her eyes canContinue reading “A leap from eyes”

Music box: A Happy Dream

They say life is easy. Well, that’s up to you. You choose to make it easy or hard. Yes, Our Choices play a big role besides what is right and what is wrong. you can choose to be happy in hard days. Even when it feels almost impossible to breathe, You can choose to liveContinue reading “Music box: A Happy Dream”

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